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...designer, inventor, product manager, musician and athlete.

I love having fun creating awesome consumer experiences and services, working with creative, intelligent and motivated people! I thrive on having my sleeves rolled up and getting deep into solving big challenges.

Music, art and fitness are my other passions and when I am not working my butt off on creating cool tech, I spend a lot of time training for triathlons, DJing and working on large scale art projects.

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  • NAMEJoshuah Vincent
  • AGE34
  • BIRTH PLACEPort Elizabeth, South Africa
  • USA STATUSPermanent Resident
  • ADDRESS994 Carolina Street, San Francisco, CA
  • E-MAILjoshuahv@gmail.com
  • PHONE+1 206 229 9117
  • FREELANCEAvailable




Smart DJ








Magic Metadata




Bing Mobile




Game Service v1




Game Service v2 - NEX




Multi Platform Support




Freelance Product & Design9/2013 - Current

Stealth Mode Startup
    Working with the founder of of this company, I have created the pitch documentation for the concept, as well as product strategy and roadmap. In 4 months delivered the product design, including information architecture, site map, wireframes and visual design. The startup is a professional services business for the music industry.

Director of Product2/2013 - 8/2013

SFX Entertainment
    Lead the redesign of the Beatport.com website, to take it from a prosumers experience to being a consumer experience. Working with a design agency in Brooklyn on all up product strategy, functional and visual redesign. As part of SFX core leadership team, performing deep functional analysis of potential company acquisitions. Lead the design of the corporate website and marketing materials. Reporting to CMO, Chris Stephenson, and working with all executive members of company, from Robert FX Sillerman to the leaders of all acquired companies, to build a cohesive company product strategy.

Lead Product and UX Manager 2010 - 2012

OnLive Inc.
  • Delivered the first cloud gaming platform to the world. Lead the effort on all consumer-facing aspects of the service. Worked closely with executive staff, engineering and marketing to derive requirements, design functionality and drive execution. 2 Patents earned.
  • Provide thought leadership, creative direction and product road map definition for the OnLive Game Service.
  • Lead and managed the user experience team (2 artists, 1 IA designer), storyboarding, framework definition, wireframing, detailed user experience definitions, and hi fidelity manifestations.
  • Built up product management team and lead evangelization of the product management and user experience skill set at the company.
  • Represent OnLive at industry events and with company partners.

Senior Program UX Manager 2009 - 2010

Bing, Microsoft
  • Bing Native Application for iPhone: in 3 months lead a team to create the native Bing application for the iPhone, the first official MS app on the iPhone. Was responsible for defining the product feature set, interactions designs and managing the project. Within 4 weeks of release over 1 million installs.

Program UX Manager2006 - 2009

Zune, Microsoft
  • Zune PC Software: In 10 months, built the PC software technology to service the needs of the Zune hardware device, as well as the needs of the Zune Music service for Zune v1.
  • Smart DJ: Created, designed and managed the development of Zune Smart DJ service, a music recommendation engine and user experience (ships in Zune v4). 3 Patents earned for work done on this project.
  • Podcasting Solution: Lead design and creation of Zune podcasting service (Microsoft’s podcasting solution). This included ideation, designing the end-to-end service experience, driving cross group collaboration effort to deliver the solution.
  • Globalization: Lead effort to globalize Zune technologies. Drove solution design and managed a virtual team.
  • Media Metadata Solutions:Defined media collection management and metadata management, including music editing tools and online metadata services. Earned one patent for this work.
  • Video Experience: Lead the creation of the video experience on the Zune PC software.

  • Applications / Games Experience: Lead team to design and deliver and application store for the Zune software and device.
  • Software Setup & Servicing: Drove the end-to-end software and hardware servicing and setup servicing experience for Zune.

Program Manager2005 - 2006

Windows Media Player, Microsoft
  • Podcasting Solution: Designed and managed the development of an end to end podcasting service for Windows Media Player. 1 patent earned .

Technical Program Manager2001 - 2005

Windows Update, Microsoft
  • Windows Update Agent API’s: Lead feature design and development of functionality in the Windows update client software. These public APIs are leveraged by a wide variety of Microsoft solutions as well as 3rd Party vendors today for scanning, downloading and installing software and drivers. 2 Patents earned .
  • System Management Server (SMS) integration: Lead integration efforts between Windows Update (WU) technologies and SMS.
  • Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer (MBSA): Lead integration between WU and MBSA.
  • 64-Bit Architecture Developed: Lead plan for supporting Windows x64 by the WU technologies and shipped these technologies for the Windows x64 release.
  • Release Management: Managed the Windows Server 2003 SP1 release effort across the WU.
  • WU Driver Pipeline: Lead effort to design and deliver driver scanning and update for Windows.


Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Computer Science 2000 - 2001

Rhodes University, South Africa

I got an Honors degree in Computer Science with Cum Laude

Bachelor of Science 1996 - 2000

Rhodes University, South Africa

I got and Bachelor Degree in Computer Science with Cum Laude


  • Cooper U Design Courses, USA, 11/2011
  • Microsoft Mini MBA, Kellogg School of Business, USA, 9/2008
  • Project Manager Professional certification (PMP), USA, 2/2008
  • Dale Carnegie Leadership Course, USA, 5/2005
  • Audio Production Certification, University of Washington, USA, 5/2005

Product Management

Competitive Analysis

Product Planning


Project Management

Design Skills

Design Collaboration

Interaction Design

Framework Definition

Information Architecture

Visual Design

Persona Development

Usability Research





Audio Production (Cubase, Logic, Protools)


Products Shipped

OnLive Game Service 1.0

Bing for iOS 1.0

Zune 4.0, 3.0, 2.0, 1.0

Windows Media Player 11

Windows Vista

Windows x64 Editions

Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer 1.0

Microsoft Update 1.0

Windows Server Update Services 2.0, 1.0

Windows XP Service Pack 2

Windows Server 2003

Windows Update Site v4 and v5


Josh was *the* UX guy at OnLive ultimately responsible for the entire entertainment experience for our app, whether it be on a phone, tablet, TV, PC or Mac. Josh's ability to establish trust among the engineering teams and executive team is only surpassed in his ability to quickly adapt to schedule changes, priority shifts, and new product needs. Combined with his can-do attitude, an attention to detail, and consistently clear product requirement documentation, I look forward to see the next set of products that evolve under Josh's leadership.

Andre Srinivasan, Senior Product Management, OnLive.

Josh is a highly dedicated and committed team player. My team had to work through many complex product issues with legal implications in the privacy area and IP areas with Josh. He was thoughtful, easy to work with, and always willing to explain more, on the one hand, and listen carefully, on the other hand. I found Josh to be excellent at working with all levels of the company from our CEO and other C-levels on down. He is a solid and professional team player. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Josh again.

Eve Saltman, OnLive, Vice President, Legal/Corporate Secretary, OnLive.

Josh is an extremely motivated, disciplined and experienced Product Manager who drove many projects while at OnLive. Josh designed our social media features, most of our UX interactions and was key to our successful launch in 2010. Josh writes detailed specification documents, produce flow diagrams and wireframes, and knows how to work with artists to product high fidelity comps when needed. With Josh, it wasn't enough to just write the specs... Josh would also sit down with the engineers directly and walk through the logic with them, listen to their comments and then update with new ideas. On top of everything else, Josh was one of the few people who could handle doing meetings directly with the executive team. He'd do presentations they could understand, take detailed notes, and also keep them informed on the status of their requests.

John Speck, Director of Engineering, OnLive.

Josh is a tremendous collaborator and an expert at cross-team interaction between engineering, product management and marketing. In our time working together, Josh managed the integration of SmartDJ, a key feature for our Zune product. From dealing with deep engineering complexity, to light front on development and product messaging, Josh has an all round ability to mobilize and harness teams. And he's a cool guy. Although he does like dodgy drun and bass music.

Chris Stephenson, GM of Marketing, Zune, Microsoft.

Josh is multi-talented. He can manage complex engineering projects, he can work with a creative team on ideation and design, and he understands business relationships well enough to foster new partnerships with external companies. But Josh's most important talent is his ability to always push for something better - a more usable design, a more innovative offering, or a technology that no one else has figured out how to do right yet.

Ian Todd, Group Program Manager, Zune, Microsoft.

Josh is a great Porgam Manager - well able to balance the conflicting requirements of feature set versus available resources. Josh is very easy to work with and able to effectively communicate his requirments to both development and test resources, enabling a cohesive product team.

Mike Rorke, Senior Developer, Zune, Microsoft.

I worked with Josh for several years in the Windows Update, where he was a program manager and I was the architect. Josh impressed me from the start as a smart, creative program manager. Josh found ways to make interesting things happen in a group where the #1 priority is always to ship, ship, ship. He struck a good balance of contributing his own ideas in technical areas while still listening to the rest of the team. I would be happy to work with Josh again someday.

Ken Showman, Principle Software Architect, Windows Update, Microsoft.