Bing for iOS

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I joined the MSN Mobile team to crank out Microsofts first official release to the Apple iOS store, Bing. It was a whirlwind project, with only 3 months to get it out the door. THe team was amazing and I had a great time defining the feature set, creating the functional and interaction design as well as working with some amazing visual designers and developers to get this out.


Bing, Microsoft

Media Praise

Bing's stylish layout is a pleasant surprise, and one that adds up, screen by screen, to a cohesive search experience. Opening Bing, you see the image of the day as your background (this doesn't appear to be customizable,) with the search field and voice search button at the top of the app. A rounded, six-panel grid of buttons jumps you to Bing's image collection, movie listings, maps, directions, business look-up, and a news feed. A drop-down menu on the search bar lets you filter your searches in all those categories, save directions. The semitransparent navigation strip below has a Home button and back and forward arrows, plus a button to hide the button panel, and an icon that pops up settings to clear your search history, set your search filter, and so on.

~Jessica Dolcort, CNET

We proclaimed Bing for iPhone "the best general search app" in the iTunes App Store when it debuted in 2009. Featuring capable text, voice, and barcode searching, Bing for iPhone is a solid information tool for mobile users.

~J.L. Wilson, Sean Ludwig, PC Mag