Firefly for iOS



I designed this app from the ground up for my client Firefly. The brand identity existed already, and I created the workflows, wireframes, user experience and and visual design for this app. The app controls, via bluetooth, a high end vaporizer.



Media Praise

The single coolest feature on the new Firefly is indeed that companion app, available for Android and iOS. Whoa, whoa, whoa, put down your pitchforks. I'm serious! Look, the Internet of Things is, for the most part, a silly excuse to add connectivity to stuff that really doesn't need it. But the Firefly 2 does IoT right. Pairing the vaporizer to your phone is dead simple. You open the app, make sure the vape is awake by touching either activation button, and that's it: It'll automagically connect.

~Andrew Tarantola, Engaaget