Evidence Driven Development (EDD) : A Lean Methodology for creating products

Video of presentation give at The Product School, June 2018

Slide deck of presentation give at The Product School, June 2018

Evidence driven development - a lean methodology to product development from Joshuah Vincent


The presentation is one I gave at The Product School in 2018 describing the EDD process, which is heavily influences by The Lean Startup by Eric Reis.

In the beginning stages of the Payments Team at Xero we had a clear mandate from execs about what to build. But the team was skeptical. We devised a crude way to validate assumptions. Overtime this evolved into the EDD process. EDD allowed us to identify the most important things to work on and prioritize all products and feature ideas coming from a million sources.

EDD is inspired by LEAN and the scientific method. When data exists we use it. Often times we don’t have data so use our best estimate. Overtime we turn those estimates into data until we are confident we are doing the right thing.

Original video presentation video on Facebook