Zune: Podcasting

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Myself and the team of engineers and visual designers I worked with on this had a great time defining the state of the art podcasting consumption experience. Competitively we added a few more "must" features the competitors didn't have (e.g. per subscription management settings), as well as created a wonderfully curated Podcast catalog.


Zune, Microsoft

Media Praise

A fantastic podcast option, the Zune even ekes past the iPod for the top spot. The software is excellent for podcasts: You can manage how many episodes you want to sync to your device on a subscription-by-subscription level, meaning you can update three episodes of Buzz Out Loud, but only one of MP3 Insider and so on. You can also unsubscribe from podcasts directly from the player, and there's an option to wirelessly sync new podcasts when you charge your player at night. The Zune also offers accelerated fast forwarding and passive bookmarking to automatically remember your spot in each podcast."

~Jasmine France, CNET